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Harrison Bible Church

"Holding forth the Word of life"

Pyramids, The Sphinx. Sun. Sand. Mummies. Intrigue. Journey with us as we travel to the country where Jesus first grew up in The Egypt File: Decoding the Mystery of Life. Amidst this exotic location and ancient civilization, we will tackle some of the most mysterious and intriguing questions known to man, including;

Do our lives have a purpose?

Are people equal to animals?

Is all human life valuable, even unborn babies?

Did we come from ape-men?

How can I spend eternity with Jesus, the Creator?

This fun-filled journey begins the minute kids walk through the doors. They'll love the timeless wonders of ancient Egypt! Each action-packed day begins with the Meet at the Museum Opening Assembly, a high-energy gathering complete with wacky intros, lively songs, a missions moment, a Design time, and prayer. Next they're off to rotate through four fun stations: The Dig Site, Sunsational Games, Snack Oasis, and the Craft Market.

Finally, every child gathers together once again for the Meet at the Museum Closing Assembly. Here there's more singing, contest results, and the highly anticipated daily drama--a humorous and suspenseful mystery set in a cool Egyptian museum. also, following the final program there will be a carnival for the kids to play in.

You'll love helping kids follow the clues through the Bible to unravel the mystery of life. And you'll love watching them light up as their hearts are forever changed by this powerful adventure. So join our caravan for the ride of your life!*